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Mountain View Elementary School is committed to ensuring that all students leave with the knowledge, critical skills, and attitudes essential to becoming contributing members of society. We want our diverse community of learners to embrace current and future academic achievement as they become positive citizens prepared for the next educational level. 

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Mountain View Elementary

851 Santa Clara Ave.

Claremont, CA 91711

909-398-0308 Office

909-624-0289 Fax

909-398-0310 Attendance Line

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. M-F, Closed Holidays

Principal: Natalie Taylor

Office Manager: Ms. Kathy Lepore

Bell Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

8:00     Warning Bell rings for 4-6 Gr.

8:05     Warning Bell rings for K-3 Gr.       

8:05     Bell rings

             -Classrooms Open (4-6 Gr.)

8:10     Bell rings

             -Classrooms Open (K-3 Gr.)

10:10-10:30   Kindergarten Recess

10:25-10:45   1-6th Recess

11:30-12:10  Kindergarten Lunch

11:45 -12:25  Primary Lunch 1st-3rd

12:15-12:55   Upper Lunch 4th-6th

1:40     Kindergarten Dismissal           

2:23     1st-3rd  Dismissal

2:35     4th-6th Dismissal    



10:05-10:25   4th-6th Recess

10:10-10:30   Kindergarten Recess

10:30-10:50   1st-3rd Recess 

1:00     K-6 Dismissal


Minimum Days (Dec. 20, 2013;

                             June 12, 2014)

11:20   K Dismissal     

11:50   1-3 Gr. Dismissal

12:10   4-6 Gr. Dismissal  

March Bucket Fillers

Congratulations to all of the March Bucket Fillers. Thank you for your kindness! Have fun at the Angel's game!


Mountain View won Lefty's Reading Challenge!!!!!

Congratulations to all of the hardworking students and staff at Mountain View Elementary School. Thanks to your efforts, we have won Lefty's Reading Challenge. We competed against other schools in Los Angeles County, including schools here in Claremont, and we came out on top with 100% of our students completing their permission slips and reading logs. All students will receive tickets to the upcoming NASCAR race on March 22, 2014. In addition, our library will receive $2500 for brand new books. If we are the school with the most tickets redeemed on March 22, we will also receive an additional $1000 for the library! Congratulations on a job well done!

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Leave your mark at MV! Garden Fence Fundraiser

Leave your mark at MV!  Cost: $25

2013-14 Schedule Changes

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Mountain View Elementary has a very dedicated staff, bright students, and a caring parent community.  We are very proud to be a California Blue Ribbon School, California Distinguished School, and a Title I Academic Achievement Award School!

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2012 Energy Star Certified Building

2012 Energy Star Certified Building